Participants of the festival 2017

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The ensemble of folk instruments "Razdolye" of Razumensky Central Committee named after. I.D Eliseeva was awarded the title of "People’s Collective" in 2006. During ten year the ensemble worked creatively and has become popular not only in the Belgorod region, but also it is known and adored in other regions of Russia.

The members of the ensemble use folk and folk instruments - jaleyki, flutes, calyks, kugiks, saws, braids, spoons, and ratchets in order to express all the delicate aspects of Russian folk art. In total, they play approximately 50 folk instruments. In recent years, the ensemble’s geography has expanded and has been awarded with prizes in regional and international festivals and competitions.

During their career, Razdole has been actively promoting folk art. The basis of the ensemble’s repertoire is the musical folklore of the Belgorod region, as well as the processing of Russian folk melodies, songs, and dance tunes. The members are young, however they are ambitious. The love to folk music and native land connects them.