Participants of the festival 2017

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Reinhardt Reissner


With music on all continents!

“Music is in the air”, when Reinhardt Reissner stands on stage. With his music he fills everyone with good mood and he wants to build bridges between countries and people. His band comes from Bavaria, in the south of Germany.

He visited many countries of Europe, like France, Poland and Romania, Russia with Moscow, Omsk and Novosibirsk in Siberia. 

He participates in the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, Venice and participated in the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. There were more than 20.000 visitors at the 22 concerts he gave in Brazil. And there were over 30.000 visitors when he got in contact with the Holy Father on St Peter’s Square in Rome. He conducted over 2500 playing pupils on an musical event in Bavaria.

For year Reinhardt Reissner occupied himself successfully with classical dance music for gala-events and international dance championships, like the championship “Under 21” in Germany last year.

As “Captain Cook” he could often be watched in European television and participated in the International Grand Prix of folk music. 

Although Reinhardt Reissner visited the whole globe with his music, he floats to new shores.