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Haray Ladies


Iran has a wide variety of traditional and folk music style.

The styles may vary from every city and village to another. With the rich tradition of poetry in Iran, this folk music is polished with Persian poetry too.

In north Khorasan folk music is bounded to the life of people. Songs for wedding, funeral, religious traditions, love stories or even mythological stories.

Haray is a folklore Music Group formed by Nastaran Abulhassan zadeh  Quchani (known as Ghouchani lady)  in Iran, North of Khorasan, in 2005.

The Haray Ladies Music Group introduces Persian, Kurdish and Turkish folk music from North of Khorasan (Iran), to the world.

Haray Ladies Folklore Music Group has hosted concerts in various countries around the world and this group is an honorable international group.

Haray group has held concerts in many foreign countries like Turkey, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Iraq, Emirates, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Germany, India, Netherlands, France, and Spain.