Participants of the festival 2019

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“Babalar sazy”


The special role of music in the life of Kazakhs is reflected in many ancient myths and legends. Through the use of traditional instruments in order to promote national music was created ethno group “ Babalar sazy”  in  Republic of Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan Area, Tarbagatay region, village Aksuat, year 2014. In the ensemble there are a dombra, kobyz, ush ishekty dombyra, zhetygen, sherter, shynkyldek, sokpaly aspaptar, dabyl , dauylpaz, dangyra, asatayak, urmely aspap, shankobyz, sazsyrnai, kulkobyz.

Ensemble is a three-time winner in the competition “Tugan El – Altyn besyk”. Ensemble is a two-time winner in the International music festival «Altay – Turki aleminyn altyn besygy», which was held in the Settlement of ancient Türks Katonkaragay. For 550 anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate in 2015 performing in the square Kazakh Ely won the Grand Prix.  In the repertoire of the ethnogroup are Alanda, alan alan zhurt...  Kaztugan zhyrau, Dombyra         А.Аhatuly ,Akku N.Tylendiev,  Zhekpe-zhek N.Tylendiev,  Koroglu  Dauletkerei, Men kashangy zhuirigyn Nurym zhyrau,  Shyli ozen Folk song,  Guldariga   Folk song ,Bulgyn Susar Folk kyui.