Participants of the festival 2019

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The Mundus Trio




The Mundus Trio was founded in Amsterdam in 2019, and its members hail from different corners of the world: The Netherlands, Turkey and Iraq.


The music journey they undertake is as diverse as their origins, moving from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern sounds to jazz and contemporary music where the traditions of the eastern Mediterranean and western music elements blend, yielding colorful soundscapes. With music as their common language each musician brings their own contributions to the blend.

Osama Abdulrasol contributes Arabic harp or qanun, one of the oldest instruments originating in Mesopotamia. He fuses makams, taksim, and elements of Sufi music with his rich musical experience in western jazz and contemporary world music.

Emine Bostanci plays the lyrical kemenche, a bowed spike fiddle from Asia Minor, which began to flourish during the Ottoman period in Istanbul.

Sjahin During lends his unique percussion set that combines various instruments from different parts of the world. His extensive background in jazz and several world music traditions, creates new rhythmical soundscapes.

Performing music in keeping with the character of modal music cultures and free from the need to engage in exaggerating musical expression, the Mundus Trio takes its listeners on an emotional journey capable of inducing euphoria.

Mundus Trio is the contemporary expression of the beauty of modality and rich world of rhythms.